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Beneath the Veil



A Kiss Beneath the Veil

     Daphne became a ghost whisperer when the Veil was lifted and the others came out of hiding. Now she’s intent on using her new ability to track down a serial killer who’s been terrorizing children in her small town. Isaac is an ancient vampire pursuing Daphne as she runs from his love and the promise of his immortal kiss. He will do anything to prove that they belong together, forever, including slaying a real monster for her.


A Taste for Moonlight

     Anne gave up on finding her Prince Charming exactly one divorce, two kids, and (ahem) several pounds ago. Besides, she’s too busy building her business and being a good mom to even miss love anymore...usually...sometimes. But all that changes when she finds herself tricked into going to a werewolf strip club on her birthday. That’s when Thomas sees her for the first time and realizes that she is the mate he’s searched centuries for.


A Darker Shade of Dawn

     Roschana doesn’t have many friends. Maybe it’s that whole I-eat-sex-for-breakfast thing? Too sexy? Too creepy? Whatever. She can’t help that she’s a succubus or that when most people find out about her eating habits they usually get the wrong impression and bolt, or drop trou on the spot. Eeww. But Noah isn’t like most people. He’s a nerd who understands the stars better than he understands people. Who knew that the fastest way to a succubus’s heart was through a telescope?


A Heart of Stone and Fire

     Athena is dying. There, she admitted it. So now what? In a world made topsy turvy by the lifting of the Veil, a girl ought to be able to find a cure for something as banal as cancer. And if she can’t? Well, then there’s always shopping. Gestein has guarded Athena since their paths first crossed when she was just a child. He would do anything to save her from the fate she has in store, but he’s bound to honor the vow he made not to interfere in her life. And a gargoyle always keeps his word.


A Constant Rapture

     Constance is searching for a miracle; because that’s the only way she’ll be able to save her little sister and herself from the Ochi’s grasp. Xavier is working as a stage magician on the Vegas strip when Constance barges in and disrupts his carefully ordered plans: work, drink, rinse, repeat. He doesn’t see how his one shite talent could possibly help in her search until he’s already neck deep in Ochi mercenaries. By then there’s the complication of him starting to fall for his dream girl...

A Kiss Beneath The Veil


     Daphne is working as a medium in a world altered by the lifting of the Veil, when the monsters drew back the curtain and revealed their true nature.

     The worst part hadn’t been finding out that her gorgeous new boyfriend was a vampire, it was finding out that Daphne herself was one of the monsters.

     Now she’s a ghost whisperer, trying to track down a serial killer while hiding from her ex and his proclamations of everlasting love. Because when a thousand year old vampire says "everlasting", he really means it. And Daphne is afraid that true love is a myth. Of course, the newlywed bogeymen next door would beg to differ.



A Taste For Moonlight


​     Anne knew she wasn’t the kind of girl a hot werewolf would go for.
     After all, she wasn’t a fresh-faced twenty-year old. (How long ago was that birthday, again?)
She wasn’t a virgin. (Yep, those two gorgeous boys were definitely hers.)
     And she wasn’t shopping in the junior’s section at good ol’ Tar-jay. (Real women have curves though, right? Um...right?)
But even after helpfully pointing out all of these very obvious reasons why he shouldn’t fall for her...that’s exactly what happened.

     Thomas is an old soul, jaded after a century of rejection, but still longing for a mate to call his own. Now that the Veil has been lifted and he can live openly as a werewolf, he’s hopeful that he might finally find a woman who can accept him and his “gifts”. His friend Sasha convinces Thomas to come to the city and work at his club as a way of meeting prospective females.

     Because hey, what better place to find them than at a werewolf strip-club?

     Anne is a single mom working hard to support her two children after their douche-bag dad abandoned her. She’s trying to teach her boys to be more accepting of the altered world they live in as well, and makes a promise to herself to start walking the talk and mingling with the night world. Little does she know that her girlfriends are planning to dump her in the deep end and take her to the infamous Red Wolf for her birthday, a werewolf strip-club that even the most adventurous women might avoid. She doesn’t expect any of the gorgeous male strippers to notice her cringing in the corner either, let alone to try and track her down the very next day, but Thomas isn’t like most men...

     Their blossoming romance gets derailed all too soon by a jealous wolf who’s already set her sights on Thomas, and who won’t take “no” for an answer.

     The full moon is on the rise and the games are about to begin. Thomas must prove that his love is genuine before he loses Anne forever.

     But first she’ll need to learn to trust again, and acquire a taste for moonlight...

A Darker Shade of Dawn

ASIN: B00CP7D8X2    

     Most cultures revere "pure" women. Being called virginal is a compliment and women who sleep around are considered cheap.

     So where does that leave a two-thousand year old succubus?

     Roschana has pretty much given up on finding a lifemate. No man wants to be compared to an army of lovers that came before him. Talk about an ego crusher. So Roxy works weekends at The Mill, hiding her true identity and playing dominatrix while feeding off the sexual energy of repressed investment bankers. But her biggest secret of all is that she still longs for true love.

     Noah is an astronomer working at Columbia University. He's a self-proclaimed nerd and knows more about the stars than he does about people. Now that the population has just expanded to include monsters, he's even more lost.

     A chance encounter in the night world opens up new possibilities for both of them, but something is stalking Roschana's sisters. The Ripper has returned with a vengeance, intent on eliminating all succubae before again pursuing his favorite prey: humans.

     Everyone is a suspect as ghosts from the past demand justice and love is challenged to forgive or die.

A Heart of Stone and Fire



  Athena is a normal girl, with a normal job, living in a very abnormal world. Vampires and werewolves are just two of the new races listed next to the little box on the census form. Gargoyle and poltergeist shares space with married and divorced, as common as you please. Freaky. And you can forget about discrimination being a question of color. Now it’s a question of: -Human, -Mixed Breed, or, -Other.

     Like most people who woke up looking human on V-day, Athena was tested to find out for sure whether or not her little box on the census was going to change.

Nope. Not even a speck of telekinesis. No special powers for Athena. She was still just plain normal.

     -Human: Check.

     And now she was dying of a normal, human disease.

     Cancer. How average is that?

     What bothers her the most about the whole "dying" thing is the fact that she never actually got to live, first. Athena grew up in a children’s home after her parents were killed in a car accident. She was the poster child for procreation: never got into fights, never back-talked, never stepped outside the lines. And she always lived very carefully after she moved out and got her own apartment. No debt, no bad relationships; she’s never done anything notable in her whole life. She could disappear and nobody would even notice.

     That realization is what spurred Athena into finally taking action. She has nothing to lose anymore, right? Now is the perfect time to have an adventure, and she’s intent on fulfilling her new bucket list that begins at her dream location in New York City: Bloomingdales.

     What she doesn’t realize is that Athena is far from normal, and her little adventure is about to land her and her guardian gargoyle right in the lap of a selfish demi-god. Horus is intent on reclaiming all the power and wealth from his glory days in ancient Egypt, and he believes that Athena holds the key to accomplishing that.

     Gestein has protected Athena since she was a child. The giant gargoyle is an invisible presence in her life, and he hides the fact that he watches her day and night, just as he’s done every minute of every day since their paths crossed twenty years ago. Gestein will stop at nothing to defend Athena and allow her to realize the true potential locked inside her, because, as Horus discovered, she is far more unique than she could possibly realize.

     Gargoyles are one of the most powerful creatures in the new breeds, and they are known as much for the strength of their honor as the strength of their sword. They rarely make mistakes, but the one time that Gestein truly failed is the only time that actually mattered to Athena.

     Though their journey will be treacherous, Gestein offers no less than his own life to ensure Athena’s safety. What he doesn’t realize is that she is willing to give him something even greater in return: forgiveness.







A Constant Rapture





 Xavier Ramsey is a born hustler. His latest gig is working as a magician on the Vegas Strip: Xavier Ramsey, Darkmage. Catchy name, yeah? The plush luxury and easy money found in Vegas are a far cry from the hand to mouth existence he once had in London, but that was before the Veil lifted and Xavier’s dark talent emerged.


     Talent. HA!


     More like curse...


     Constance is on a mission to save her little sister (when isn’t she trying to save her from something?) But this time Susan is in way over her head. She’s gambled with the monsters, and this is one bet she won’t be able to settle on her own. Constance attempts to show Susan the truth about her new friends, but in the process she unwillingly becomes a monster herself. 


     Now she's in a race against time to find a miracle, and must rely on Xavier’s dubious skills to lead her to one. She’ll give him anything to fulfill his end of the bargain, including her heart.


     If only she could keep him sober long enough to see it...







a wicked change.jpg
A Wicked Change


     As a wereferret, Wheeler's chief pleasures in life have always been napping and being sneaky. But things have changed since the Sodalitas came out of the closet and lifted the Veil between the monsters and mortals. Now he's developed two new obsessions: stealing cars, and stalking Sophie.


     Sophie is fully aware of Wheeler's strange penchant for spying; she can sense when someone is looking at her, a gift she received when the Veil lifted. And with the new Eyenet system of cameras that the Sodalitas installed throughout the  realm, Wheeler can (and does, weirdo...) watch Sophie's movements day and night.


     But a warning that Sophie's life is in danger sets Wheeler on a mission to save his dearest love...whether she likes it or not.


    Sophie believes that she can take care of herself. Something that she's proven time and again since going on the run a year ago. So what if it requires more than a little thievery to make ends meet? If that Hood character could get a gold star in the history books for robbing the rich to feed the poor then so should Sophie, because she was dirt poor at the moment.


    Eventually Wheeler's gift at hacking the Eyenet proves too valuable a tool to pass up in Sophie's quest to end the threat against her and her sister. But things get complicated when the Queen of Fairy takes an interest in the pair and Sophie's true nature is revealed.


     Wheeler is offering Sophie a new life with him in the passionate night world, but the cost of losing her sister forever in exchange may prove too dear a price to pay.


     Eternal love hangs in the balance as Sophie fights to hang on to all that she holds dear.

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