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Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles


BAIN the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles (Book One)


     Lyr’ese and her father have journeyed to the distant city of Dehrtulpa, the final stop on their tour of the continent. It is a dying empire, bankrupt and crumbling back into the desert from which it sprang. She’s about to begin her deep seclusion and this stop represents her last chance to steal a bit of freedom before she’s locked away by the breedwatchers in preparation for her future marriage. What she finds when she escapes the watchful eyes of her handmaids will shatter her faith and show her the truth about the ‘watchers decrees. Realization will come too late to save herself, but she may be able to use her new awareness to save another...

     Bain is the youngest member of the Guard Elite, the most revered warriors tasked to guarding the few pureblood Females left on their world. As a forbidden crossbreed, his life could’ve been extinguished the moment he was born, but King Dehrtulpa took pity on him and brought into the sanctum instead. Allowing him to be raised amongst the highborn sons destined to serve closest to the King and his family, Bain has known only obedience and submission to the rules of the monarchy all his life. Until Lyr’ese arrives. Then his eyes are truly opened for the first time. He can see the cruelty with which the people are treated, and how misguided the breedwatcher’s attempts are in controlling the pureblood Females. For a few stolen hours, he and Lyr’ese experience what life could be like beyond the ‘watcher’s control. But when they’re discovered, Bain must face a punishment far worse than death. Their friendship changes the course of their lives and the lives of countless others as fate guides their destiny in new directions.

     Three Years Later...

     Lyr’ese has returned to Dehrtulpa, sworn to marry into the family she despises. Her father’s betrayal of her trust has left her defenseless against the evil lying in wait. When her convoy is destroyed and she’s forced to fend for herself she will learn that honor isn’t bound in bloodlines, and that love can light up a world.


VANIK the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles (Book Two)

ASIN: B00904LM5E

     Olivia stopped at a rundown gas station in the boondocks of Oklahoma, facing a crossroads and trying to decide which direction to take.
     Across the universe wasn’t originally an option.

     Olivia left home on her sixteenth birthday and hasn’t looked back since. She earned the money to buy a beat-up old Caribou camper and set off on a journey to see the world, or at least as much of it as she could drive to. Now with her funds tapped to the last jingle and winter setting in, she has to decide where she’s finally going to settle and put down roots. With a choice between two towns, she’s ready to let fate and the next flavor of sour gummy worm decide.
But her toss-up is interrupted by a new set of possibilities. And these will alter her reality forever.
Olivia’s decision becomes whether to trust her eyes, or trust her heart.
     Her heart wins.
     Escaping the Army with a group of monstrous fugitives is just the first hurdle she has to overcome. Now that she’s committed to helping a group of aliens find their way home, she must face daily life or death struggles, and fight the true monsters lying in wait for them on the Bridge.


Asherah the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles (Book Three)


     Is it better to live safe in the shade of the stone, or to die quick but free in the sweet light of dawn?

     Asherah’s mother found two perfect ways to keep her daughter safe: strand her on a world disconnected from the Bridge, and hide her in a suit of armor impervious to blade or prying eyes.

     Her mother left Asherah safe. Safe in the gravelands of a lost world. Safe in the aging suit. Safe for eternity...

     But when a thief disrupts her solitude and offers Asherah the chance to escape, she takes it!

     Her journey will lead her across countless worlds, and amidst the fantastical new creatures that populate them, through the heartbreak of betrayal and the wonder of self-discovery. Along the way she will meet one man capable of seeing through her decaying armor to the truth of her soul beneath, and another willing to tear apart the very fabric of reality to possess it.

     Asherah and Dhagon must find a way to outsmart the most advanced being of the known worlds, or risk losing each other forever.

     But it isn’t just the fate of their love at stake. It’s the fate of the entire universe.


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